Fantasy Strike Review

Fantasy Strike Review


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Overall Rating
The good
  • Extensive customization features for characters and accessories
  • Addicting fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique art style and graphics
The bad
  • Occasional freezes and lag stuttering
  • Opponents have no difficulty system

What we think of the game

Fantasy Strike from the outside just looks like another street fighting game, but once you enter the game it’s a whole other story. When I was playing this game, I kept wanting to play. It has a very addicting game style, drawing players in with the opponents always being one step ahead, it leaves you wanting to get that last win! The graphics are a whole other story; they’ve taken the graphics and made them into a cartoon style, giving the game a whole different feel. While the game still retains it’s street fighting aspect, it also adds a new depth of gameplay with the amazing animation work, high quality models and colors, and the style. The control scheme was a little hard at first, but only because the computers are so good! Once you get the hang of the controls, you immediately easy into the game and can swiftly pull out moves with a simple click, and unleash amazing combos with just a few clicks. There’s a lot of mechanics to keep you on your toes and to make sure you always have different challenges. Definitely recommended for those who love street fighters and want a great challenge!

To be fair, when I first fired up the game I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it. I thought the controls were hard to get the hang of (despite the very simple control scheme) and I didn’t really think about the mechanics. Once I got into a match and played around with the other characters, my favorite being Jalia, I found that the game was a lot more pulling than I thought.

Game size: 1995 MB
4k support: Yes
Want to try out the game for yourself? You can purchase the for yourself game on Steam by clicking here.

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